The present

Today Cantine Spinelli produces approximately 7 million bottles of wine from Abruzzo annually, of which 60% were destined for export. The local farming tradition, which included crushing the grapes underfoot, has persisted in the love and respect that connects us to the land and the raw materials. For the rest, the company implements cutting edge technologies in its cultivation, processing and ageing techniques.


How many harvests have passed since Vincenzo Spinelli founded his company? Many, almost fifty. But the love for the vines and the land of Abruzzo have never changed. An ancient passion inspired Vincenzo Spinelli a half century ago to take up the challenge: ``If we are making good wine for ourselves, why not do it for everyone?``


Ours is a family company, in the sense that everything that counts comes from our history, deeply rooted in the land of Abruzzo and handed down over generations. We are all still farmers at heart: everything else changes, grows, evolves over time, but the heart of the family is the same, the authentic way that we experience our work and life. The flag bearers of this tradition today are Carlo and Adriano Spinelli, the sons of the founder, Vincenzo.


Carlo Spinelli manages the commercial business: relationships with customers, agents, and import companies, and handles the company's corporate image. He is a natural team player, and works with a group of collaborators and consultants formed over the years. Adriano Spinelli is the wine making expert. He grew up in the company among the vats and barrels, and he is the technical director of the winery. If the wine is good, in large part it is his merit.


Fifty years of dedication
to the wines of Abruzzo

The company was founded by Vincenzo Spinelli. His passion for wine was transmuted from the family sphere into a productive, commercial business.
Vincenzo's sons, Carlo and Adriano, began working in the company full time. The productive volume grew and the production process was perfected.
The company continued to grow, acquiring new productive facilities and equipping them with state of the art technologies.
The Spinelli brand became a decisive, affirmed player on international markets. Logistics were expanded.
Now present around the world, the brand refined its image and intensified research into maximum quality, also thanks to the contribution of the best Italian wine experts.
Spinelli is known as one of the main wine producers in Abruzzo and in Italy. The range of products was expanded with the inauguration of a line of spirits.

The winery

The pride of the company is the new, large winery, built according to the most advanced architectural criteria and equipped with state of the art wine making technologies. Wine making is carried out according to the rules that guide the production of high quality wines, continuously perfected with the help of the most knowledgeable wine experts in Italy. The winery ensures high productive capacity and has underground areas used for storing and ageing wines, with a large barrel room dedicated to ageing wines (mainly reds) in Slavonia oak barrels and barrique.

“Our wines, the universal language used to express our way of being”

Our wines of Abruzzo are not seasonal, do not follow trends or seek to impress. They are distinct wines, just like us and our land, that take what they need from modern wine making techniques to exalt their natural character.
They are the result of a tradition that is continuously enhanced, above all by our natural farmer's sense of patience: because everything, also grapes and wine, must ripen over time and in just the right way.