A temple of vineyards

The Atessa Municipality, situated on the southern edge of Abruzzo, is where we live and have been making wine for centuries. It is an area nestled between the Frentane hills and the Sangro River, which has always been dedicated to cultivating grapes, one of the most important cultivations in Italy thanks to exceptional terrior: a clay-limestone mixture and unique micro-climate, the result of its vicinity to the sea on one side and the peaks of Maiella on the other.

Livestock rearing

It is also a land of shepherds, crossed over thousands of years by the transhumance, over the hills, winding through the vineyards and also leaving its mark in the names of the wines, like Pecorino.


All of this translates into our character, and the character of our wine: they say we are straightforward, concrete, but with a touch of the nomad sensibility, careful to sense the fragrances on the wind and the charm of the faraway and the passing seasons.

Being Italian

If being Italian means warmth, vivacity, tradition, culture, joy of living, with a love for your work and a perfectionist bent, then we are proud to be recognized as true Italians..


A strong and gentle land

Proudly encompassing its rustic values and traditions, Abruzzo is now starting to reveal its treasures to the world. Not only its wine. The Adriatic Sea, just a few kilometers away, with the enchanted “Costa dei Trabocchi”: a stretch of coastline renowned for its natural beauty and variegated environment, which takes its name from Italian stilt fishing machines. The winds blowing from the sea gives some of the coastal wine varieties, like Pecorino, Passerina and Cococciola, their typical full-bodied flavor.
And mountains just a short distance away, with their temperature fluctuations, also give our wines their aroma. The mountainous areas are characterized by pristine natural areas of the Maiella National Park and the Roccaraso Ski Resort.


In the most authentic Italy

There is a deep intermingling of popular history and sacred culture, which comes to life daily, for example in the Miracolo Eucaristico Church in nearby Lanciano, a pilgrimage destination for thousands of people annually. There are also traces of ancient history: the Juvanum archeological site from the Roman era, in Montenerodomo, and on the megalithic walls of Pallano. Many typical Abruzzo wines come from Roman origins.

In the end, our beloved Abruzzo wine is symbolic of what we all love most about Italy: history, traditions, food and environment, all faithful to their roots and never betrayed by modernity.