11 10 2019 - Masterclass Cantine Spinelli al MWW 2019

On Wednesday 9 October we participated in the Milan Wine Week with the Masterclass “The trilogy of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo of the Frentane hills”. Three fascinating variations on the theme of a great Italian red: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from the Frentane hills.

“Each wine, regardless of the market to which it is addressed, is born from an idea and develops with its own personality.” This is how Vincenzo Spinelli, Commercial Director of the company, introduced the masterclass. And in fact the three wines presented – Montepulciano Tratturo, Montepulciano Riserva Val di Fara and Tatone Terra d’Aligi – represent three fascinating variations on the theme of a great Italian red in terms of blend, vinification, aging and organoleptic characteristics.

The differences between the three labels, albeit on the basis of obvious familiarity, were masterfully told by the sommelier Riccardo Stebini, who led the tasting. Stebini constructed the narrative using an original metaphor, which saw in each wine a different friend with a well-defined character: so, if one was the impulsive but lively and exciting young man, and if the other personified the reflective friend, mature, with whom to spend a nice evening chatting, the third was instead the great friend who finds himself after a long time, with whom you want, and can, do everything.

The evident involvement of the participants gave a clear measure of the success of the masterclass, which for many represented the first thoughtful encounter with a large cellar and with some of its most representative wines.