Amaro Blockhaus

The term Blockhaus evokes above all the story of the brigands.

To fight them off, just after the unification of Italy the Piedmont army constructed a “blockhaus” on one of the peaks of Maiella: this was the name for the stone forts, a word taken from the Habsburg tradition.

Construction concluded in 1863, just a short distance from the place where the brigands of Maiella had engraved the “table” into the rocks, evidence of their resistance to their Piedmontese oppressors.

Today Blockhaus is the name of one of the peaks of the sacred mountain of Abruzzo, Maiella, where the vast mountainsides are covered with an incomparable variety of lush flora: the area is a true treasure trove of flowers and herbs, where for centuries “apothecaries” have reigned supreme, the bearers of a wealth of tradition and knowledge about ancient herblore and secrets.




Alcohol content 0

Aromaticity 0

Softness 0

Wood 0



This harmonious and revitalizing liqueur is made using the active ingredients from several herbs, flowers, fruits and roots typical of the herbalist tradition in Abruzzo. Its botanical ingredients include hyssop, anise, gentian, winter savory and mint.

The tinctures, partly obtained by crushing the botanicals in extra-fine alcohol and partly through distillation, are carefully blended to produce a totally genuine and natural concentrate. The processing systems are entirely traditional and do not include any modern technologies, maintaining the characteristics of the essences unaltered.

24% vol

The fragrance is aromatic, decisive but not overpowering. On the palette the taste is persuasive but complex, with a surprising balsamic undertone. The aftertaste is bitter and very crisp.

It should be served straight up, preferably chilled. It is perfect for mixing drinks, used as a base for creating the most well-known cocktails or for creating brand new ones, all according to the sensibilities of the mixologist.